Only 5 km from the centre of Rzeszów, among green areas, near science and technology park, a comfortable housing estate with modern buildings is under construction. DWORZYSKO PARK is a new investment of BESTA Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane located at ul. Technologiczna in Rzeszów. The name of the estate refers to the nearby green areas and to Rzeszów – Dworzysko Science and Technology Park which attracts the investors and entrepreneurs and offers new workplaces. Undoubtedly, the advantages of this location are: fast and easy access to the centre and other districts of the city and access via motorway to the economic zones in Jasionka and Rogoźnica. The estate will consist of 4 modern buildings, with underground garage halls, green areas and playgrounds. The project includes the residents’ needs as regards comfort and convenience. The diverse layout and area will satisfy different tastes and needs. For the convenience of the residents, service and commercial units are planned on the ground floors. The investment is characterised by well though-out, modern buildings and large space with green areas. Within the estate, vehicle traffic will be limited. Along the buildings, green lanes are planned.



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A new investment in Warsaw - Sprawna 33 - a place where you can live.

A residential building with modern architecture is being built in the Warsaw - Białołęka district. 80 residential premises with an area from 27.20 m2 to 59.95 m2 were designed on eight above-ground floors. On the part of the ground floor and the last floor there are storage rooms for residents. The premises on the ground floor will have a terrace with a garden for exclusive use. A one-story underground garage with 89 parking spaces and several bicycle boxes will be built in the underground part. The building will be heated by a local gas boiler room located on the top floor and equipped with hybrid mechanical ventilation systems. There is a playground on the plot. There will be full urban infrastructure - communication, schools, shops, services around.


We invite you to the sales office next to the construction site ul. Sprawna 33


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Cosy housing estate at the Mokotów District - "Bluszczańska Ogrody 2" [Bluszczańska Street - Gardens 2] - Warszawa ul. Bluszczańska

The BLUSZCZAŃSKA OGRODY II Complex consists of two residential buildings with 66 apartments that meet the highest standards of living. Modern architectural solutions were applied to create functional living spaces. The enclosed yard houses a comfortable playground for kids surrounded with original greenery. Directing all road traffic to the underground garage will ensure both peace and silence as well as clean air and safety for the playing kids and resting residents.


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New investment in Rzeszów - "Marcinowe Wzgórze" /”Marcin’s Hill”/ - Rzeszów, ul. Marcina Filipa

The project entitled Marcinowe Wzgórze [Martin’s Hill] has just been completed at Marcina Filipa Street in Rzeszów (Wilkowyja Północ District). At the first stage 110 apartments were handed over and at the second stage – 44 apartments. The buildings were given the following administrative numbers: 68–78 Marcina Filipa Street. The second stage within which buildings C1 and C2 were erected was closed in September 2018. The cosy housing estate consisting of six considerably low buildings of varied height stands out with its modern architecture and the highest quality of finishing. The estate is located in a quiet and green neighbourhood, with a fast and convenient access to the city centre (4 km). See it on the map (click) Parking bays are provided in the underground garage and outdoors, next to the buildings. The buildings are furnished with lifts and video-intercoms. Complete city infrastructure is available in the vicinity. The access to the estate has been organised along a newly renovated road, with bicycle track and lighting.


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Housing estate - "Bluszczańska Ogrody" /Bluszczanska Gardens/ - Warszawa ul. Bluszczańska

Bluszczańska Ogrody is a comfortable residential complex in a picturesque part of Mokotow District. This cosy housing estate is composed of only four low-rise buildings surrounded with greenery, with internal spacious yard – a garden and a playground for children. The housing estate is characterised with wonderful location, convenient communication with other districts of Warsaw and already existing communal infrastructure.