Reconstruction and extension of a waste treatment plant.

Localization: Czermin
Completion: 09.2018-11.2019

Alteration of the current commercial and service building.

Client: STAR EUROPA HOLDING 1 Sp. z o.o. - Rzeszów
Localization: Rzeszów, ul. Kolejowa
Completion: 09.2018-02.2019

Construction of the production plant with a high bay warehouse and an office and employee amenities part.

Client: MEBLE POLSKIE - Zamość
Localization: Zamość, ul. Strefowa
Completion: 07.2018-02.2019


An industrial building for housing of the CHP units at the premises of the heat and power generating plant.

Client: Introl-Energomontaż sp. z o.o. - Chorzów
Localization: Tarnobrzeg, ul. Kwiatkowskiego
Completion: 07.2018-12.2018

Construction of the residential multi-family building with the underground garage and service facilities,land development and indispensable infrastructure.

Client: DM MIESZKANIA sp. z o.o. sp. k. - Kobierzyce
Localization: Wrocław, ul. Rychtalska
Completion: 05.2018-02.2020