Reconstruction of “GOŚWINOWICE” Ethanol Manufacturing Plant – reinforced concrete works and steel structures

Client: PROCHEM SA - Warszawa
Localization: Głębinów k/Nysy
Completion: 03.2019-06.2020

Construction of a detached housing building and a garage and utility building, including external infrastructure.

Client: Inwestor prywatny
Localization: Krzemienica
Completion: 03.2019-08.2019

Extension of a social building, including technical infrastructure.

Client: REMONDIS Bydgoszcz Sp. z o.o. - Bydgoszcz
Localization: Krzemienica
Completion: 03.2019-11.2019

Conversion of a non-utility building for the purpose of a production and warehouse facilities, construction of a social and office building

Client: LIS Polska Sp. z o.o. - Legnica
Localization: Legnica
Completion: 01.2019-10.2019

Extension and alteration of the production and administrative building with auxiliary infrastructure for MTU Aero Engines Polska.

Client: Adamietz Sp. z o.o. - Strzelce Opolskie
Localization: Tajęcina
Completion: 12.2018-06.2019

Construction of the multi-family residential building with the indoor garage - reinforced concrete construction.
Client: Infores Menagement Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. - Przemyśl Completion: 01.2019-09.2019
Reconstruction and extension of a waste treatment plant.
Client: GMINA CZERMIN Completion: 09.2018-11.2019
Construction of the office building inclusive of connecting media to the site, construction of the link with the current building, construction of the utility building, redevelopment of the current building, inclusive of installations, connecting media to the site, in-house transport.
Client: Asseco Poland SA - Rzeszów Completion: 08.2018-09.2020
Construction of the production plant with a high bay warehouse and an office and employee amenities part.
Client: MEBLE POLSKIE - Zamość Completion: 07.2018-06.2019
An industrial building for housing of the CHP units at the premises of the heat and power generating plant.
Client: Introl-Energomontaż sp. z o.o. - Chorzów Completion: 07.2018-04.2019
Construction of the residential multi-family building with the underground garage and service facilities,land development and indispensable infrastructure.
Client: DM MIESZKANIA sp. z o.o. sp. k. - Kobierzyce Completion: 05.2018-02.2020
Building works under the construction of the Ibis Hotel.
Client: AW INVEST sp. Z o.o. - Nowy Targ Completion: 05.2018-06.2019
Construction of the Educational Complex of the Piarist Order - core&shell of the buildings, inclusive of the construction of a pergola, retaining wall, external stair.
Client: Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Przemysłowego CHEMOBUDOWA - KRAKÓW Completion: 05.2018-05.2019
A complex of multi-family residential buildings with service outlets and an underground garage.
Client: VICTORIA DOM S.A. Completion: 10.2017-09.2019