Informacja o realizowanej strategii podatkowej




Informacja o realizowanej strategii podatkowej BESTA Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane Sp. z o.o. za rok podatkowy 2020.



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The Management Board of BESTA PB sp. z o.o.

Welcome to BESTA Construction Company Ltd.

Why Besta?


BESTA is a modern construction company possessing large and perfectly organized technical and personal potential and realizing its tasks on time and with high quality standards.

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Scope of activity


- general contractor in the process of complex realization of building objects
- realization of building shells of objects
- repairs and modernizations of building objects

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Besta has been developing since 2009. Currently, apartments in Marcinowe Wzgórze housing estate in Rzeszów are available for sale. A new investment in Warsaw coming soon.

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Quality Policy


To improve quality of provided services and to put in place international standards, BESTA implemented ISO Quality System in 2001

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